My sweet addiction

I am addict. There you have it. I have finally succumb to my denial and have taken the first steps to accept that I do indeed have an addiction.

I get my fix whenever I can, it consumes most of my day and well into the night. I’m constantly thinking about it, thinking of ways to get my fix but limitations and boundaries stop me from getting it all the time. The adrenalin that goes through my bloodstream is indescribable, something only true addicts will understand. Each fix can bring me to higher levels but there’s no denying that it always leave me wanting more with a hint of frustration.

Racing heart beat, elevated happiness, trembling hands, strained eyes and a complete sense of euphoria – the list of emotions and feelings are endless. Like any addict, I hid my addiction from my bf and friends, fear of embarrassment, judgmental looks and hisses of disapproval. I was in my own world with nowhere to turn. My ears would prick every time the addiction becomes a topic of conversation and eagerly I would join in, feeling a sense of belonging –  addicts who understand what it is that I’m experiencing.

Yes I am proud to admit that I am a candy crush addict.

Don’t scuff until you’ve tried. 🙂


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