The road to stronger, fitter and faster

So today I made a decision to get serious about my road to getting stronger and fitter. Or as my fiance would say – shredding. With our wedding only 214 days away I guess there’s no better time to start my fitness regime then today. I decided to write about my fitness journey I guess to make myself more accountable.

The last few days I started to monitor my calorie intake with a pretty nifty app called my fitness pal. Each day I am inputting my daily consumption of food and then can see how I’m tracking in terms of controlling my calories. Pretty effective app, let’s see how long can I manage it.

I’ve also taken some measurements of various parts of my body so I can monitor how I’m going as I think it’ll give me a better indication of my progress as opposed to just jumping on the scales.

In terms of physical activity, I’m starting to go to the gym and running on alternative days.

My goals are:

1. To lose 10kgs

2. To bench press 20kgs

3. To run 5km in under 30 minutes

Day 1 began today. It’s time to get serious!

Love, Kimmie xx

One Day at a time