House hunting

At the thought of buying your first property, you generally feel excitement and in most cases start to envision what your “ideal” place would look like. You become your own interior designer and with the experience of decorating after watching endless episodes of reno shows such as The Block and House Rules, you think you have a pretty solid idea of what your future house would look like.

However, having gone through the experience of house hunting, I can assure you that it is a completely different scenario.

So it all began with the serious talk with my better half about taking the next step in our relationship – that is moving in and living together. Seems logical enough. The next question was if we wanted to rent or buy a place. With interest rates on the decline, the best option it seems was to buy an apartment or unit to live in for a few years before we looked for something bigger.

And so began the early mornings of open inspections and auctions. With a coffee in one hand and notepad in the other, we would enter each property with high hopes only to leave minutes later in either disgust or with our hopes and dreams all dashed.

Being a Gen Y and having the luxury of living at home with my parents, I had come to the realisation that I was naive if not ignorant when looking at properties. My boyfriend on the other hand has been living by himself for quite some time and so knew what to look for. I never knew how important a separate toilet was until he explained the pros & no cons. I’m such a naive Gen Y. It’s going to be an interesting journey once I move out!

It’s been a few months now and the list of available properties are starting to dwindle. Searching the internet constantly comes up with the same properties that we have either seen or disregard because it hasn’t fitted the criteria. Words of encouragement from friends still doesn’t help the situation especially after hearing horror stories that house hunting can take up to 12 months – something that I have not planned for.

This experience has been a big learning curve for me and a journey that I’m sure I will continue to enjoy riding until we find our little gem. Until then, happy house hunting!